Cesar Segundo

Personal & Technical Experience

He has technical training in Electronics, which allows him to understand the technology in detail. Professionally, he has performed technical functions of programming, maintenance, service, systems administrator, project leader, processes, consulting and architecture. Commercially, he has been a salesman by phone, technical sales support and knows the billing process. He founded a company whose product catalog was oriented to eCommerce.

He currently holds the position of project leader, his mission is from understanding the client’s requirement to applying project methodologies to execute and conclude the project in a timely manner. Every opportunity that the client gives us to serve him, represents a possibility of knowing the client’s business, its infrastructure, what he has and what he wants, to build the bridge is the challenge. The customer expects the best, the commitment is to bring the best solution. IIB Consulting has an experienced work team, with the knowledge and attitude to solve business challenges.

Personally, he prefers to enjoy with his family and friends. He likes to walk in the mountains, explore new paths and roads with his dog, Peter. When he goes outdoors, he takes photos and video, he doesn’t like selfies. At home, he is the one designated to repair minor damage, San Google and YouTube are very helpful. He likes listening to music of all genres, he is the home DJ.

Read technical information related to TIC, gadgets and project management. He has very bad pronunciation in English, but he is practicing. He is a fan of listening to Carmen Aristegui news