Jorge E. Lozada

Personal & Technical Experience

Jorge Enrique Lozada is a Mexican businessman who has had great success in several industries. He has mainly developed businesses where human talent is its main component. He currently manages businesses with more than 1,000 employees.

He joined IIB-Consulting in 2017 as a principal investor contributing with all his experience in the field of finance and business development.

Jorge’s passion for investing in the boom of Mexico’s technology industry is a direct result of his overall entrepreneurial enthusiasm, along with his passion to help emerging companies in his native Mexico, as well as his vast experience in managing Human Resources.

Jorge divides his time between Mexico City, where his main business headquarters are located, and his branches in the cities of Monterrey, Nuevo León (industrial capital of Mexico), the historic city of Mérida, Yucatán (jewel of the Mexican southeast) and the beautiful and thriving city of Whitewater in Wisconsin. He is a visionary who finds in the use of social networks and information technologies the future of successful global companies.

Jorge enjoys spending his free time with his family dedicated to outdoor activities